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34. Preetzer Papiertheatertreffen

The 34th Preetzer Papiertheaterfestival ,September 10-12, 2021


The program schedule of the 34th Preetz Paper Theater Festival is set!

Here come the stages:

The croquet player

Papirteatret Meklenborg, Denmark

A small urban community is afraid of being overwhelmed by malevolent forces. They are so worried that they become malicious themselves. Does this sound familiar? The Croquet Player is a horror short story written in 1936 by H. G. Wells under the influence of the Spanish Civil War and the lead-up to World War II.

Duration 30 minutes, English, sound recording, from 12 years old.


Fisherman’s Dream

Microscope Toy Theater – Yulya Dukhovny, USA

Late night on the shore. The old Fisherman sits next to the fire. He recalls his youth and falls asleep... The play based on some events and circumstances from the famous fable told by Pushkin..

Duration 30 minutes, English, sound recording, from 10 years old


The 7 Ravens

Denise und Konstantin Frey, Jenny Bühler, Switzerland

A fairy tale by Denise Frey based on the Brothers Grimm.

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who had seven sons and still no little daughter. The girl is born over the year...the sons cursed out of impatience in seven ravens. The girl goes in search of her brothers far to the end of the world - will she be able to redeem them? And what is it about the colors of the sky, the white band of clouds of the wind? With the gift of the stars?

Duration 40 minutes, German, live piano accompaniment, ages 6 and up


St. Nicholas in need

Massimos Papiertheater

St. Nicholas and his servant Rupprecht come to a small Flemish town to give presents to the children. After everything is distributed, they discover that the poorest and most well-behaved child in town, Cecilie, has gone empty-handed. But she knows what to do: in Trinchen Mutser's store there is still "the Congo", a big chocolate ship and the little girl's heart's desire. But alas, the holy man and his servant are not allowed to wake anyone up and there is no money for the ship either...

Duration 45 minutes, German, live, ages 4 and up

An invitation

Kolosseum Cartae

An elderly couple unexpectedly receives mail with an invitation. It is special. As a result, they will dress up extra pretty. The trip by car takes two hours. Arriving at their destination, things suddenly take an unexpected course........but see for yourself!!!

Duration 30 minutes, German, sound carrier, for adults

Willibald- The crash

Théâtre de Table

The third and final adventure of Willibald the mouse, who, together with his henchmen Hermann and Josef, continues to keep the mouse tribe in a haphazard regime. In this episode, a rising tide threatens the mice in their den. Willibald as the boss is challenged. Absurd ideas, curious encounters, wild adventures lead to dramatic climax.

Duration 40-45 minutes, live narration, ages 10 and up

"From the Edda - the gods of the Vikings"

Hellriegels Junior

In excerpts we show the origin and the downfall of the Nordic world of gods. We use the stave rhyme text of the Edda translation and original texts.

Duration 20 minutes, German, live, from 7 years

The Little Prince after Antoine de St Exupéry

La Compagnie de la Boite à Trucs, France

A writer tells himself it's a lonely life where he can't talk to anyone.
He is in exile in a hostile environment, he has to find a solution.
A child is born in the same situation he is in.

A mirage? A dream? An answer to the emergency?
Unlike adults, the child speaks the truth and knows how to see beyond appearances.
And about love he learns a secret.

Duration 65 minutes, German and French, sound recording, from 7 years old

A heart from paper

Haases Papiertheater

A paper theater comedy: actor Jakob Neuhaus shines in his role as heartbreaker Casanova. But in his private life, love doesn't quite work out. Although he has his eye on his acting partner Lena Brandt, the whole thing is pretty hopeless: Lena has just gotten engaged. And with other women, too, the chances are slim. Then colleague Stefan has a crazy idea. Couldn't we have a woman paint for Jakob? After all, all the participants are only painted paper theater figures ...

Duration 35 minutes, German, sound recording, from 8 years old

Pangu Narathi -In the wake of the mountains

Papier & Theater

"The Lord God created man to go about his day's work down here," says the father to the two boys from the Gauschwand valley. Will they stick to it? Paper drama based on motifs from the history and stories of mountaineering.

Duration 44 minutes, German, spoken live, ages 8 and up

Ghost Side Story

ThéÂtre Mont d'Hiver

Ghosts exist. Sometimes we encounter them in the course of very mundane things - like buying real estate. Sometimes they don't spook us, but enchant us. And sometimes something incredible happens. Ghost Side Story - frighteningly charming, charmingly frightening.

Duration 30 minutes, German, live narration, ages 10 and up



Snow white - cancelled!

Sarah’s Paper Theatre, England

The world of paper theater

Parallel to the meeting, the paper theater Pollidor has opened its private collection in the Preetz Museum of Local History. Over 100 theaters, paper models and model sheets are to be discovered and tried out.
Dirk and Barbara Reimers will take you into the magical world of paper and report from almost 40 years of paper theater experience.

Saturday and Sunday between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m., free admission, donations for the preservation of the collection are welcome.