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International Preetzer Paper Theater Festival virtually this year!

15 stages from 5 countries should actually show their latest productions in Preetz next weekend (12.9. - 14.9.), but due to Corona everything is different. For the first time in 33 years, the International Preetz Paper Theater Meeting, organized by the Volkshochschule, cannot take place. At least not in the form known so far.

On 12.09.2020 at 15:15 on this page a 45 minute homage to 32 years of the International Preetzer Paper Theater Meeting will be shown, with many pictures, interviews and anecdotes. The film is supplemented by a virtual gallery with short plays from stages all over the world. Players from the USA, South Africa, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Denmark and Germany, who have all been to Preetz at one time or another, have put together three to four-minute excerpts from their performances for this purpose, which can be admired on the vhs website.

Hopefully there will be a real reunion on the second weekend of September 2021!