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The stages have been chosen

This year we present 15 stages from 6 nations

The 37th Preetzer Papiertheatertreffen will take place from 13-15 September 2024

On this page you will always find out when there is news about the Paper Theatre Meeting: New stages, all plays, start of advance booking,...

We are now gradually revealing the secret of who will do us the honour this year.


Die Schneekönigin

Gunniville Papiertheater Berlin

based on Hans Christian Andersen

Little Gerda is searching for her best friend Kai, who has been kidnapped by the Snow Queen. She embarks on a great journey and experiences joy and pain, hope and doubt, love and indifference in 12 imaginative pictures. With the power of love, she overcomes all obstacles.

Traditional toy theatre with a classic proscenium. Historical illustrations and own designs.

Language: German; Playing time: 45 minutes; Age recommendation: from 4 years


Kolosseum Cartae


Waldemar has finished work and comes home after a good financial deal. He surprises Elfriede by inviting her to a nice restaurant. Elfriede has a good suggestion and so they set off......

Traditional paper theatre with own text, own characters and own staging.

Language: German; Playing time: ~30 minutes; Age recommendation: for adults

Robert Poulter's New Model Theatre

Blood and Sap - Blut und Saft

Visky Snok's Theatre Company arrives in South America to tour. Travelling by airship and train they ancounter revolutions, gauchos, Tango taverns and murder; whilst they try and perform their version of Beauty and the Beast.

Classic stage with rolling backdrop and lighting. If you know Robert Poulter, you know that you can expect artistic, self-created spectacle.

Language: English and German; Playing time: 25 minutes; Recommended age: adults, 12 years and older


Annoyed (Agacé)

Annoyed is the first show of the series Le Castelet in verse form. This project aims to
perform poetry, as a form of literature, in public space. Annoyed is the text n°21 of
Via Ferrata, the collection for which Fred Pougeard received the Special honours of
Apollinaire Price jury.
How do we live through the information scraps we collect and assemble in our
thoughts? Where do our analyses take us? The show crosses the road of the audience
and the narrator. He tries to write a few lines in a café near the train station.
Unfortunately, too much noise does not allow him to do so!

Self-designed, oversized paper theatre, which can also be shown outside.

Language: English, with French passages; Playing time: 15 minutes; Recommended age: 12 years and older (to understand everything, younger children can also watch)

Papiertheater Dramonie

Der Teufel mit den drei Goldenen Haaren (The devil with the three golden hairs)

A child of fortune is to be robbed of his earnings by a power-hungry king and can only achieve this if he gets the king three golden hairs of the devil from hell. He sets off on his journey...

Traditional paper theatre with reproductions of stage sets using original figures.

Language: German; Playing time: 45 minutes; Age recommendation: 6 years and older

Papiertheater im Fachwerkhaus

Bombastes furioso or The blasted Pine of Loch Katrine

Bombastes Furioso, subtitled A Burlesque Tragic Opera, was written in 1810 by William Barnes Rhodes (sometimes credited as Thomas Barnes Rhodes). The first authorized printed edition was published in 1822. It is a drama with comic songs, that satirizes the bombastic style of other tragedies that were in fashion at the time.
King Artaxaminous wishes to divorce his wife Griskinissa, and marry Distaffina. Distaffina, however, is betrothed to General Bombastes. Artaxaminous promises Distaffina "half a crown" if she will forsake the general for him. Distaffina is unable to resist, and abandons Bombastes. When the general learns of this, he goes mad, hangs his boots on the branch of a tree, and challenges anyone who would remove them. Artaxaminous cuts the boots down, and the
general kills him. Fusbos, coming upon this, kills Bombastes. At the end of the drama, the dead men jump up and promise "to die again tomorrow", if the audience desires it.

Classic English paper theatre on the new building of an English folding stage.


Language: German; Playing time: ~45 minutes; Age recommendation: for adults

Papirteatret Meklenborg

Das größte Rätsel

The Greatest Riddle

The development of artificial intelligence in recent years makes "The Greatest Enigma" and the story of Anica and Benjamin and their fight against machines even more relevant than when the famous Danish author Svend Åge Madsen wrote the book in 1982...

Once it was the machines that ruled, but then a metal plague broke out that put them out of action. But - shortly before that, the last computer developed the four substances that make up human DNA, which are not metal. It is this code that Anica and Benjamin track down and try to solve in a race against time and the computer INGOL. But they get a weapon - unknown to the computer

Traditional paper theatre stage

Language: German; Playing time: 30 minutes; Age recommendation: from 10 years

KIKA producciones TEATRO

El aviso desoído

The unheeded warning

The play is nourished by several cultures, by legends that cross time, by oral histories, beliefs and myths from Argentina and other Latin American territories.

It tells us the love story between Rosaluna and Antileo: timeless beings who are sometimes animal children, who are sometimes carried away by plans, who are nothing more than codes to be broken... who want to love, who are afraid, who do not know that they are victims and casualties of the effects of the repetition of what they have inherited.

Self-designed, European paper theatre stage. Performed and spoken live.

Language: Spanish (handout in German & English); Playing time: 45 minutes; Age recommendation: from 9 years and adults

DIOBEA Papertheater

Magie-Marie und die verwunschene Stadt

Magic-Marie and the enchanted city

On the usefulness of the useless


open paper sliding theatre, self-designed and written. It is performed live.

Language: German; Playing time: ~20 minutes; Age recommendation: 10 years and older

from Schleswig-Holstein (D)


Freddy das Blatt

Freddy the leaf

Based on the story by Leo F. Buscaglia

The play is about life and death

Being born, being alive, enjoying life with friends and spending time together until everything changes over the course of the year. They follow the leaves of becoming, flourishing until the end. The natural course of time.

self-designed theatre, performed live with recorded music

Language: German; Playing time: ~35 minutes; Age recommendation: adults, school-age children

from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (D)

Sarah´s Paper Theatre

The Golden Goose

A classic Grimms Fairytale ‘The Golden Goose’ is a light-hearted colourful adaptation with live narration and sound effects.

 The story of how the youngest of three brothers (despite being treated as a simpleton) wins a princess’s hand in marriage.  This he does with the help of a golden goose gifted by a stranger whom he shows kindness to.

The boy has the last laugh (as well as the princess!)

Traditional slot theatre. Self made theatre with LED lighting, self designed and self made figures and scenery. Contemporary colourful style.

Language: English (handout in German will be distributed); Playing time: 20 minutes; Age recommendation: for everyone

from Great Britain


Little Blue Moon Theatre

Buffalo Gals Wild West Revue

The legend of the American cowboy (and cowgirl!) has captured the hearts and minds of people around the globe. In this collection of cowboy songs and stories we mix in some sure enough real cowboy lore along with Hollywood versions and tall tales to create a paper theatre campfire stew that we proudly serve up with a little guitar music and harmonica. Park your ponies by the door and join us for the one and only Buffalo Gals Wild West Revue.

Self designed paper theatre and figures , live music

Language: English; Playing time: ~40 minutes; Age recommendation: older children and adults

from California (USA)

Hellriegels Junior

Geschichten aus Bollerup

Stories from Bollerup

Based on Siegfried Lenz's humorous stories ‘The Spirit of the Mirabelle’, we tell three stories from Bollerup on the Baltic Sea - a village where most people are called Feddersen. Unnoticed by the wider world, the idiosyncratic villagers encounter bizarre everyday problems with unexpected solutions.

The play is performed live on a self-designed, closed stage.

Language: German, Play length: ~40 minutes; Age recommendation: from 7 years

from/near Kiel (D)


Der Sturm einer Sommernacht

A midsummer night's storm

In his "Midsummer Night's Dream", a storm of emotions in the interplay of passions, William Shakespeare paints an enchanting picture of love, errors and confusion. In his comedy "The Tempest", ghostly whirlwinds take a destructive course, causing bizarre deceptions and incomprehensible perplexity. Betrayal and revenge take centre stage. What can love achieve here? Connoisseurs of both Shakespeare works know that there are surprising twists and turns in both stories and a fantastic, dreamlike happy ending each time. Dreams play with reality in a magical way, and these similarities are a real challenge to stage a meeting between the protagonists of both comedies. Who can guess what will come of it?

Let's start with the combination of the two titles: "A Summer Night Storm"!

In the end... Let's wait and see!

Open-table stage with a backdrop of bathtubs of light, play on two levels, texts, stage, characters designed by ourselves. Performed live, including self-composed music.

Language: German; Play length: ~45 minutes,. Age recommendation: from 14 years, adults

from NRW (D)

Translated with (free version)

Papiertheater Luna

Manolo und die Zauberkugel

Manolo and the magic ball
‘Outside a village in the south lived the little goatherd Manolo with his family. Every afternoon he wandered over the barren dry hills with his herd, looking for places to feed and playing his shepherd's flute. One day he found a magic ball...’

free story based on Arcadio Lobato's ‘The Magic Ball’

Paper theatre without stage, with wooden guide and background. Live narration and music.

Followed by a small workshop for children with an accompanying person.

Language: German; Play length: ~15 minutes + workshop; Age recommendation: from 3 years to 99+

from Preetz (D)

Translated with (free version)